Windows Phone Battery More Efficient Than Android

One strength of windows phones than android phones are Windows Phone Battery More Efficient Than Android. But Smartphones lovers choose android because android has a lot of applications that can be downloaded for free on Google play store.

Slash Gear’s website on Wednesday (20/08/2014) published the results of battery testing two M8 HTC smartphone, running the Android OS, and the other is a Windows Phone version of the M8. In these tests, although both have the same hardware specs, but apparently HTC M8 with the Windows Phone platform has a longer battery life.

Testing is done by letting the two smartphones in standby mode (standby) for 27 hours. And it turns out, HTC Windows Phone M8 version has 81 percent remaining battery power, while the Android version only the remaining 68 percent. HTC’s own claim that the Android version of the M8 battery only provides for 12 hours of usage time, while the Windows Phone version of its up to 21 hours of use.

Factors battery life becomes one of the main options why consumers choose a smartphone. IDC research institutes have conducted a survey about the previous.

In the survey, it turns out 56 percent of Android users, 49 percent of iPhone users and 53 percent of Windows Phone users choose the battery life as the main reason they chose the device. If Microsoft and HTC can work more closely together, maybe both could attract more interest in the use of Windows Phone platform, by making smartphones with longer battery life.

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