Quickly turn off the notifications on android phone

Get too many notifications from apps on Android that users can find really annoying. If no more than necessary, please disable them to avoid trouble.

Some games make informed regularly remind users about promotions, or simply urging you to return to continue playing. In many cases, these are messages that users are less interested, feel uncomfortable even as they kept out.
However, this behavior is off quite easily without any complicated procedure does. First, you need to then select Application Settings to view the list of applications installed on your machine. In this article, we will illustrate with Battery Saver app.


After you click on the list Battery Saver app, Android interface will show you the information on this application, including the amount of memory occupied along with the option of turning off apps, delete data Yet However, what you need is interest Show notification options. If you do not want Battery Saver app (or any other application) displays the message again, you just remove the check mark next to this option.

Please note that this method can be done with almost all applications: from applications you download to applications installed on the computer, except for some adjustments as the system user interface system system, Install or Android system. Also, if you want to turn off notifications that are still displayed on the status bar, you can click on this message and keep information select applications to directly interface to disable notifications.

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