MyScript Calculator – Turn hand-writing into results

Use your finger to write
Use your finger to write

Use your fingers or a pen to scribble formulas calculated on the screen and instantly you will have unexpected results!
With smart technology identifies your app from handwritten characters into numbers, expressions and perform calculations quickly.

myscriptcaculator3One of the best calculator and its much faster than the traditional calculator if you know how to use it right. I’ve many success with it finishing my home work :)
The calculations support:
Atomic operations: +, -, x, ÷, +/-, 1 / x
other calculation:%, , x !, | x |
exponential function: ℯx, xy, x2
parentheses: ()
Trigonometry: cos, sin, tan, acos, asin, atan
logarithm: ln, log
Constant: π, , Africa.

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