UC Browser - The fastest Android browser

Fastest Web Browser on Android – UC Browser

UC Browser - The fastest Android browser
UC Browser – The fastest Android browser

UC Browser gives you a fast browsing experience and smoother. UC Browser configuration offering different access based on network connection so you can easily adjust your browsing experience according to personal preference, reduce costs and increase the speed of data loading web pages with strong compression.

ucbrowser1 AutoPager
Gives continuous reading experience failure by automatically load the next page when you browse to the end of the current website. Designed specifically for the mini version of the big sites like Google, Twitter, Facebook
Accelerate Mode
Optimized Acceleration mode: depending on the quality of the network connection, UC will download the appropriate version of the website.

Increase Speed ​​Download
Improve the quality of the network connection to double download speeds.
Upload Photos From Facebook
You can download favorite pictures from Facebook on your phone
Top Browser, But Better This Time
Upgrade and optimize most of the functions that give you a faster browsing speed with greater stability.
Center Web Applications
Bringing you the best web applications to the life experience of the phone is no longer affected by regularly downloading, installing and upgrading.

Image Viewer

All images on the website are browsing arranged together as an album.
UC Desktop Widget
This utility helps create a widget on your desktop to access and easy management of UC.
Add Multiple Language and Font
Supports multiple languages ​​and fonts including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. ..
Improvement Overview
Many improvements on the key functions such as typing, moving on before & after, fonts, etc. ..
New Feature
1 Block ads
Superfast web browsing, negligent advertising.
2 Optimized display text
Smoother web browsing with optimized text display.
3 Customize the color pages
Customize the background color to any web page.
4 New interface homepage
Redesigned homepage beautiful, more convenient.

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